From mining in south africa to logging in new zealand


Western Star 4700SB (set-back axle)

Western Star produces a range of Class 8 commercial vehicles for both highway and off-road use. Western Star specializes in trucks tailored to customer specifications. Every Western Star offers several sleeper box sizes, with chassis lengths of up to 486 inches depending on model. Five interior packages are available and sleepers can be trimmed to specifications. Engines, transmissions, axles, suspensions and brakes are available in a number of configurations. Engines used include Cummins and Detroit. Western Star also produces right-hand drive trucks for the Australian, New Zealand and South African markets.

Though styled in a conventional fashion and often used in off-road applications, Western Star trucks are also available with anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, and other modern safety features in order to remain competitive and meet DOT regulations.

Model Information

2012 Western Star 6900 XD

Western Star currently has five model families:

  • The 4700 Series is Western Star’s entry-level model and is available in truck and tractor applications, both with a 110-inch (2,790 mm) . In vocational applications, its engineering helps reduce upfitting time and costs for body builders, and can be outfitted for virtually any vocational application. For on-highway use, the 4700 is available only in a daycab configuration and is primarily used in short haul applications.
  • The 4800 Series offers more powerful engine options than the 4700 and features a 109-inch (2,770 mm) BBC. Western Star provides the truck as a bare chassis and cab, which can be fitted with a dump body, mixer, tank, crane, or other structure by a bodybuilding company as desired by the customer. The factory-installed twin steer option is also popular on this model for dump and mixer applications. Tractor versions are also available.
  • The 4900 Series features a 123-inch (3,120 mm) BBC. This is a multi-use truck/tractor which is targeted at a variety of industries. The truck can be built as a tractor with fifth wheel, bare chassis for a bodybuilder to outfit, or a lowered-cab model (Low Max) for auto hauling. The 4900 is available in five configurations including Extreme Duty and Twin Steer.
  • The 5700XE is Western Star’s newest model and first truly aerodynamic truck. The XE stands for Extreme Efficiency. Launched in 2015, it is currently designed only for on-highway applications. The truck features a 126-inch (3,200 mm) BBC, and a set back front axle position. It can be specified as a daycab or as a sleeper.
  • The 6900 Series is the highest capacity model built by Western Star and is designed for off-highway vocations including logging, mining, and other similar applications. Available in Extreme Duty and Twin Steer configurations (XD and TS), each features a 141-inch (3,580 mm) BBC and can be recognized both by its size as well as by its flat, squared front fenders.

Canadian Forces LSVW light truck

Western Star sold a lightly altered version of the White High Cabover as the Western Star Cabover in the 1980s and early 1990s. They also produced a licensed version of the Iveco VM 90 for the Canadian Forces during the 1990s, called the LSVW.

Western Star produced trucks for the United States Military rebadged as Freightliners but has since stopped selling military vehicles.


Our reputation for designing, building and distributing heavy-duty trucks is well known around the world. And like any good reputation, it wasn’t built overnight.

Western Star Trucks started in 1967. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and manufactured in Canada, the company was founded on the belief that the driver is the most valuable asset in trucking. More than a mantra, this belief became the cornerstone on which Western Star’s history of innovation and customization would be built.

It didn’t take long for word to spread. In response to the growing demand for heavy-duty mining, logging and oil transportation trucks, the plant in Kelowna, BC, eventually grew to 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space, with an additional 50,000 feet of warehousing.

The 1980s saw Western Star continue to grow, thanks to its unrivalled commitment to innovation and quality. Major product developments like cabs with increased headroom and improved driver visibility helped set Western Star apart from the competition. Additionally, the development of a state-of-the-art, wrap-around dash caught the eyes of a new customer: highway tractor drivers.

At the conclusion of the 1990s, Western Star had established itself as a premier vocational and over-the-road heavy truck manufacturer, thanks in large part to revolutionary product innovations like the Star Light Sleeper with an ultra-lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core. By 2000, Western Star’s forward-thinking, driver-centric approach paid off, when Daimler Trucks North America purchased the company. In 2002, Western Star production was moved to a new, state-of-the-art plant in Portland, Oregon. This move paid off as well, this time in the shape of the popular LowMax package, offering highway drivers a low profile and tons of stainless steel accessories.


Компания основана в 1967 году , сыном известного в автомобильной индустрии руководителя Вильяма Сигниуса Кнудсена (William Signius Knudsen) в качестве дивизиона компании White Motor Company. Многолетний опыт работы Семона в таких компаниях, как General Motors и Ford не прошёл даром: под его началом компания стала успешной, несмотря на убыточность головной компании.
В 1981 году Western Star Trucks вместе с другими активами головной компании переходит под контроль Вольво Тракс (Volvo Trucks), которая, таким образом, начала свою североамериканскую историю. Спустя 9 лет, в течение которых Вольво Тракс производили свои грузовики со свойственным европейским производителям грузовиков расположением высокой кабины над мотором под маркой североамериканского производителя, а Western Star Trucks по-сути была независимой компанией по реализации, последняя перешла в собственность австралийского предпринимателя Терри Пибоди. В свою очередь Пибоди смог обернуть вложенные в Western Star Trucks средства в течение 10 лет, после чего продал компанию известному североамериканскому подразделению компании Daimler, производителю грузовиков Freightliner. С этих пор начинается современная история компании.



GENUINE PARTS: Superior-quality parts designed for precise fit and function in your specific application deliver unmatched performance, reliability, safety and durability

PREMIER PARTS: Your go-to source for quality aftermarket and remanufactured components from trusted OE suppliers to keep your truck moving.

VALUE PARTS: With parts and accessories for all makes and models, Alliance Parts is the smartest choice for value on the road. Readily available, easily affordable and assured in quality, Alliance has everything you need to deliver.

Western Star has one of the most advanced parts distribution networks in North America. Our Parts Distribution Centers use the latest high-tech systems to offer unparalleled parts availabilty — with an inventory of more than 110,000 unique part numbers available to our dealers.

Our PDC network also boasts a national parts order fill rate consistently over 97%, with parts availability ranked number one by parts managers year after year. All these resources working together mean one important thing to you: the parts will be there when you need them.


A 1997 «heritage»-style Western Star 4900

In 1967 White Motor Company started the Western Star division as White Western Star with a new plant at Kelowna, British Columbia, sharing headquarters with White in Cleveland, Ohio. White Western Star trucks in that era typically used cabs from its sister company,Autocar. Western Star production was moved to Ogden, Utah, but it was not included in the 1980 sale of White to Volvo, instead being sold to Bow Valley Resources and Nova Corporation, each owning 50%.

In 1991, Western Star Trucks was purchased by the owners of the Western Star Australian subsidiary, Terry Peabody and Bob Shand. In 1996, ERF was purchased. It was sold in 2000 to MAN.

In 2000, Western Star was purchased by DaimlerChrysler, becoming part of the Freightliner Trucks division.

In 2002, Western Star production was moved to a plant in Portland, Oregon. 4700, 4800, 4900 and 6900 model trucks are still manufactured in the Portland Truck Plant. In May 2015, the Daimler Trucks North America plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, began to build 4700 and 4900 models, as well as assemble all new semi tractor 5700XE models.

More recently, Western Star MBT 40 trucks operated for bauxite mining in Guinea.[citation needed]


Special Services

  • Preparation for export
  • Pre-delivery inspections
  • Initial FMCSR 396 DOT inspection

Alternative Fuels

  • Fuel tank packages for CNG
  • Methane detection systems
  • Installation of complete alternative-fuel packages

Auxiliary Power Units and Heaters

  • Certified Installer of diesel-powered THERMO KING TriPac
  • Diesel heaters and domestic auxiliary HVAC for Day Cabs
  • Installation of any APU purchased at WST dealer, or customer-provided units

Body Installations

  • Dump bodies (spreaders, snow plows and side plows)
  • Scissor-lift bodies
  • Dry and refrigerated van bodies, including lift gates
  • Stake beds
  • Palletized bodies (including safety walks and steps)
  • Forestry and multi-purpose bodies
  • Water tankers

Equipment Installations

  • Microwaves, TV/DVD combos, battery/power cut-off switches, etc.
  • Chrome and stainless steel options
  • Hydraulic systems, including hydraulic-lifting fifth wheels
  • Automatic snow chains
  • Automatic engine shutdown systems
  • Engine brake controller
  • Air shield, fairing and chassis aerodynamics kits
  • Lighting (from engine compartment lights to LEDs and light bars)
  • Automatic chassis-lube systems
  • Cab guards, tool boxes, head racks, underpass seat safes, back-glass guards & bumper installs
  • Remote vehicle operation systems
  • Onboard truck scales
  • Tire-pressure monitoring systems
  • Certified Installer of EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD Systems

Bulk Hauling

  • Installation of off-loading equipment
  • Off-load pumps and blower systems
  • Power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Wet-line kit systems

Fleet Preparation

  • Customer-service inspections
  • DriveCam systems (video-based driver safety technology)
  • Ignition-lock and other security systems
  • Customer decal packages and truck numbers
  • Permit plates and placards
  • Safety cones, wheel chocks, accident and spill-containment kits
  • Customer-logo mud flaps
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Lane-departure systems
  • Telematic and GPS systems
  • Zone Defense (back-up camera system)

Why choose Custom Truck Services (PDI)?

  • We provide accessory installations, light and/or heavy modifications to meet your needs.
  • Standard DTNA warranty applies to workmanship with supplier pass-through warranty on parts.
  • Corporate marketing, sales and engineering departments collaborate to offer custom options, faster.
  • We offer competitive pricing compared to most third-party vendors and provide Risk of Loss coverage while the truck is at our facilities.
  • Each Western Star manufacturing plant features a Custom Truck Service Center, removing any additional transportation costs and getting your trucks back on the road faster.
  • Prior to delivery, any quality items or quality alerts that occur from plants or suppliers while the truck is in our possession or at the transporter are resolved.
  • No matter which Custom Trucks Services location you choose to customize your truck, you can rest assured that the same quality, consistency and pricing will apply.

In popular media

2019 Western Star 5700XE

Multiple Western Star trucks have been featured in films, including: A Western Star 5700 Phantom Custom is used as the new disguise for Optimus Prime in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight as well as a Western Star 4900SF tow truck is used as the Decepticon Onslaught in Transformers: The Last Knight. A Western Star 4800 is used as the Happy Toyz (Green Goblin) truck in Maximum Overdrive. A Western Star 4964 is used as the Westway Refrigerated truck in Trucks. A 1989 Western Star 4964 was used as the antagonist vehicle in the 2015 Canadian horror film Wrecker, which is largely a remake of the film Duel. Ray from the Canadian show Trailer Park Boys drove a Western Star truck before he lost his trucker license.

Good prices.

Alliance Truck Parts serves the commercial transportation industry with reliable, new and remanufactured all-makes parts and accessories to keep medium- and heavy-duty trucks on the road.

Alliance Truck Parts has over 30 product lines of accessories and parts for maintenance and repairs. Available at more than 800 locations in North America, including your favorite Western Star dealer, each part meets or exceeds original equipment supplier (OES) specification, and is backed by a one-year/unlimited-mile warranty. You’ll never have to trade quality for value.

More products are being added to the Alliance Truck Parts product line all the time. Visit your nearest Western Star dealer or check out for more detailed product information and special offers.


Years ago, one North American company made a commitment to its customers to be more than just a builder of trucks. And Western Star delivered on that promise. That’s why today, no matter where you go in our network of dealers, you’ll get the outstanding maintenance and repairs you need to get back on the job.

Known for service. Trusted for quality.

We know that every minute your truck spends waiting for service costs you more than just time. It costs you money. Our dealers use state-of-the-art technology, hire the industry’s best technicians and work together to give you the best service. When you visit a Western Star dealer, your repairs will be done right and done quickly using high-quality, brand name parts.

Our service isn’t just fast, it’s comprehensive.

Our dealers give you more than fast service; you get complete service. This includes critical attention to warranty repairs and offering convenient Customer Protection Plans. And with nearly 230 dealers across North America, there’s a service center near you that can make the repairs you need quickly.

Working with Western Star means you’ll also have access to roadside assistance and technical information. So even when you can’t get to us, we’ll find a way to come to you and get you rolling again.


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Technology. Sure, we like it. It helps us do some amazing things, such as design the world’s most innovative, tough-as-nails trucks. We’re okay with that. But when it comes to making a truck faster by sacrificing quality and attention to detail? Well, that’s just taking things too far.

So while other truck companies maximize profits with nothing but fancy automated robots and cookie-cutter parts, we use something a little less whiz-bang: our hands. Same way we’ve been using them for 44 years now. No shortcuts. No compromises. No bull. You know, the right way.

Does it take longer? Yep. Because quality takes time. And when you drive a Western Star, that’s what you get. Quality. Not to mention a truck that’s built exactly to your specifications. You read that right. We don’t build a truck until you tell us how you want it. After all, we’re not out to build the perfect truck. We’re here to build the perfect truck for your job whether it’s extreme duty or premium highway.

Enough talk. There’s work to be done.

Take a Tour of the Western Star Truck Plant

Текущая деятельность

На данный момент компания производит несколько моделей тяжелых грузовиков 8 класса (по североамериканской классификации) грузоподъемностью более 15 тонн. Очевидно, что бизнес Western Star Trucks нацелен на сегмент b2b, что предполагает корпоративную стратегию с прицелом на компании, создающие продукты или услуги для конечных потребителей.
Western Star Trucks создает грузовики для следующих видов деятельности:

  1. Строительство (самосвалы, миксеры, автокраны);
  2. Добыча полезных ископаемых (автоцистерны, газовозы, тягачи, автоводовозы);
  3. Лесозаготовка (Лесовозы, самопогрузчики);
  4. Буксировка и восстановление;
  5. Муниципальные услуги (мусоровозы, снегоуборочная техника, эвакуаторы).


Uptime Management Suite offers a bundle of service technology that helps improve the accuracy of repair needs, provides real-time tracking of vehicle repair status and minimizes downtime to get your truck back on the road.

EXPRESS WRITEUP: With the help of a mobile app, Express WriteUp provides a better way to create repair orders and estimates because they are performed at the vehicle to speed decision making. Express WriteUp also provides a better customer experience to help improve efficiency and convenience.

SERVICE TRACKER: Service Tracker is a web-based application for fleet customers that is used for streamlining communications with our service network and real-time tracking of their vehicles as they progress through the service experience – from estimate ready to vehicle ready. Service Tracker reduces wait time for approving estimates and provides customized repair status notifications.

UPTIME PRO: Uptime Pro is a state-of-the-art management software that helps service at a dealer location run at peak efficiency with transparency and coordination that keeps everyone in the loop and provides visibility into progress, status and needs.

UPTIME PERFORMANCE: Uptime Performance enables dealers to understand the customer’s view of their efficiency. Each of our Elite Support certified dealerships employs Continuous Improvement Coordinators (CIC) whose main job is to measure their performance and keep improving the customer experience. The reporting provided shows the CIC.


Spend a little time behind the wheel of a Western Star and one thing becomes crystal clear: this truck means business. After all, that’s what they’re bred for.

We started engineering heavy-duty trucks in 1967. Trucks that proved tough enough to take on mountainous logging operations, deep mines and sweltering oil fields. Vocations where cut corners and compromise can mean the difference between a good day and an early funeral. Goes without saying that when we started building highway trucks, we built them the same as our work trucks: by hand, one at a time, to ensure every truck is built to last and built exactly the way you need.


Parts Warranty

Western Star Trucks provides limited warranty protection for aftermarket parts sold directly through Western Star dealers. Coverage is for defective material and/or workmanship for 12 months. For explanations of warranty coverage, contact your local Western Star dealer.

Vehicle Warranty

Western Star Trucks provides strong warranty protection for all its vehicles, backed by exceptional customer service. We believe that anyone who purchases a new vehicle is entitled to warranted protection, as well as peace of mind that any questions will be answered promptly and satisfactorily.

With every new Western Star vehicle we provide a limited warranty which covers defects in material and/or workmanship which will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. For warranty claims or for a detailed explanation of warranty coverage, please contact your local dealer. For emergency issues, contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-385-HELP, 24-hours a day/7 days a week.


Questions concerning Recall Campaigns on any of our products? Please call the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-385-HELP.

Customer Protection Plans

You’re driving down the road when the unexpected occurs and your truck breaks down. The factory warranty has expired and you don’t know if it’s going to be a minor or major repair. You worry about how much it’s going to cost to get up and running.

We don’t want you to worry. That’s why we’ve developed dependable, flexible and thorough Customer Protection Plans for Western Star trucks. Whether you own a heavy-duty or medium-duty truck, you can extend your warranty protection for time and mileage above and beyond the basic factory warranty period.

Customer Protection Plans

Want the whole truck covered? You can cover the complete basic vehicle (excluding the engine, transmission, axles and cab, all of which have their own warranties). Concerned only about certain systems? No problem. With our selected component option packages, we can help you keep your operating costs down with coverage on these specific systems: heater and air conditioning; starter and alternator; cooling; front and rear suspension; and steering. You can mix and match any or all of the selected components. (Check with your dealer for specific program limitations and exclusions on all Customer Protection Plan options.)

DIAL 1-866-850-7827.

We work wherever and whenever you do.

Whether it’s lunch time in New York City or 2:00 am in the middle of nowhere, there’s always one way to get in touch with a truck expert. Our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) was developed to make sure that you have access to our state-of-the-art services no matter when or where you need them.

Our dedicated representatives have an average of 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. Aside from our dealers, the CAC is the best place to call for someone who can help solve your problem.

Getting answers just got easier.

Our CAC uses the power of our dealer network to solve problems quickly and get drivers on their way, 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. Using the latest communications technology, our Customer Support Representatives are able to answer questions or arrange roadside assistance or towing service most anywhere on the road. We’ll put you in contact with the closest Western Star dealer and get you back in action. If there isn’t a dealer nearby, your CAC representative will find an independent dealer close to you that can help.

And if your company is a member of one of our fleet programs, we can offer you «Extended Breakdown» support and payment options, making it even easier to get your vehicle rolling no matter where you are.

In this business, saving time means saving money.

With our Customer Assistance Center, we work to provide what we call Total Customer Support, the new service standard for the industry. When a breakdown or service problem occurs, we’re able to bring the full resources of our network to the rescue right away. With dealers all over the country, 24-hour assistance and extended dealer hours, Western Star has the resources to get you moving again, quickly and profitably. Because we know that in the trucking industry, time really is money.To contact the Customer Assistance Center, please call 1-866-850-STAR (1-866-850-7827).

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